Michelle Reid, EMEA Sales and Marketing Director, Telehouse Europe

Last September, I delivered a keynote speech at our Advanced Infrastructure Management (AIM) Forum at the Andaz Hotel in Liverpool Street, London, where I investigated the relationship between technology and the key challenges faced by the IT Department. The topics themselves were derived both from experience and an extensive research project that we have been conducting over the past two years to formulate the vision for our newest London Data Centre, North Two.

The eventual tagline for North Two, a ‘New Site for a New Internet’ reflects the rapidly changing technical environment that the facility will be designed for, something that has seen an unprecedented rate of change in the way in businesses today operate. In saying this, a combination of new original research and insight from twenty five years’ experience at the heart of the data centre industry reminds us that despite the fact that it is the most tangible factor, technology represents only a part of the overall force that shapes the ICT infrastructure of the future.

Instead, it is the concept of a ‘perfect storm,’ encapsulating emerging technologies and rapidly changing cultural and regulatory factors that exist as the main catalyst of the way we work and indeed think about technology. Over the coming months, we will be sharing key insights arising from a combination of over two decades of experience at the forefront of the data centre industry and new original research to further delve into these three key areas:

  • Emerging Technologies
  • Business Outcomes: The changing role and perceptions of the IT department
  • Security

Next month, Nick Layzell, Head of Managed Services at Telehouse Europe will kick off by looking closely at our first theme; Emerging Technologies where he will take recently conducted research to explore the challenges surrounding virtualisation.

In October, I will be looking at both the recent and legacy changes witnessed in turning the IT department from a cost centre to an outcome based and more commercial function. Finally in November, Andrew Fray Director of Business and Product Development will address the evolving landscape of security and how this is shaping the future of outsourced services.

We would love to hear your experiences and thoughts on the areas discussed and encourage you to get in touch on our LinkedIn and Twitter pages. Our new North Two portal is now up and running, where you can register for exclusive content and upcoming events.

Best Wishes,

Michelle Reid
EMEA Sales and Marketing Director
Telehouse Europe