The Future of IT Infrastructure: Challenges, Opportunities & Trends

2030 may not seem far away, but a great deal can happen in a decade especially in the fast-moving IT infrastructure landscape. The 2010s was an era characterised by disruptive change. New networking technology brought higher capacity as 3G networks morphed into 4G ones, and then into the latest generation of networking technology, 5G, which is effectively helping to support the ongoing roll-out of the Internet of Things (IoT).

What about the future though? As we mark 30 years since we opened our first London data centre, Telehouse North and became Europe’s first colocation provider, we commissioned independent research to discover what the next ten years may have in store.

Survey sheds light on the future of IT Infrastructure

Surveying 250 UK IT decision-makers, we sought to gauge their opinions on the IT infrastructure challenges and opportunities they are likely to face across upgrades, security and strategies, as well as their priorities over the coming decade.

The results shed light on the IT infrastructure landscape to come, indicating that the ‘journey to the edge’ may accelerate for UK organisations. Nearly nine out of ten (89%) IT decision-makers say that edge computing will be important to their business in the next ten years.

In line with this, the survey also revealed that environmental issues are rising to the fore. 30% of the sample said that in 2030, ‘reducing the environmental impact of IT infrastructure’ is likely to be one of their top three IT infrastructure challenges, making it second in importance only to ‘maintaining security and compliance’.