The rapid growth in internet traffic has caused an increase in demand for data centres, with global internet usage increasing by 1,157% in the past decade. Many businesses have made the decision to outsource their IT infrastructure to a colocation facility. As follows are the top benefits of colocation services to businesses:

Colocation provides a range of solutions for businesses which allows enterprises to expand their infrastructure capacity by reducing costs, having enhanced security as well as maintain higher uptime.

1. More Connectivity Options

A key benefit of colocation is the extensive connectivity available within the data centre or campus. A carrier-neutral data centre service provider like Telehouse provides a broad range of connectivity options, meaning that customers can easily build the network infrastructure that meets their specific needs. We offer access to one of the largest carrier ecosystems in the world; customers can connect to any carrier or connectivity partner located in any of the four data centres at our London Docklands campus. We are also home to the London Internet Exchange (LINX), and we provide direct, resilient links to cloud services such as Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute and Amazon Web Services Direct Connect.

2. Enhanced Security

Maintaining data security is a key priority for any successful company. Colocation provides businesses with a secure environment to house their information. Apart from the legal and ethical obligations to safeguard customer data, there are also strong business incentives for protecting data from competitors. That is why we offer the highest level of physical security, including perimeter fencing enclosing our entire Docklands campus, full CCTV surveillance and a team of highly dedicated security and support personnel who work on-site 24/7.

3. Resilience and Uptime

One of the main reasons why companies choose to outsource their IT infrastructure is to  benefit from the resilience and uptime that is available through a colocation provider, ensuring higher levels of availability and to maintain business continuity. Telehouse has rigorously engineered its data centres to ensure we continue to provide a high level of resilience and redundancy with a guaranteed 99.999% uptime SLA.

4. Reducing Costs

Running an on-site data centre is one of the largest costs for any business. From employing skilled engineers and powering your servers, to ensuring they are kept at a steady temperature. By outsourcing all or part of your infrastructure to an experienced and reliable data centre colocation services provider, you can improve efficiency, manage your costs better and focus your IT resources on improving your user experience and your overall business operations.

We offer a wide range of colocation options to suit all budgets, from as little as ¼ rack in shared spaces, to hundreds of racks in dedicated spaces. By making use of colocation for IT outsourcing requirements, businesses are better able to manage their resource more efficiently.

5. Flexibility and Scalability

Another valuable benefit of colocation to businesses is the ability to store customer information in a robust IT infrastructure. Whatever the size of your company, you will need to ensure that your IT infrastructure offers the flexibility to meet future growth and change. Telehouse provides organisations with flexible environment, allowing you to quickly scale up as your business expands, giving you the choice to manage your network your way.

Colocation offers businesses the opportunity to house their services in an advanced and secure environment.

6. Energy Efficiency

Companies who are looking to improve their green credentials will choose to work with an eco-friendly colocation provider. At Telehouse, we adhere to voluntary environmental standards to ensure we are continuously improving the energy efficiency of our operations.

We are proud to have implemented 100% renewable sources for our London data centres, such as wind and solar power. Find out more on our recent blog.

The benefits of colocation are substantial and by outsourcing the expense of running a data centre to a colocation facility, businesses are able to focus on their resources and effects on their company objectives without needing to worry about whether their data solutions are able to accommodate their requirements.

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