Understanding Cloud Computing

Cloud computing or ‘the cloud’ is a term that has become mainstream, as end-users become increasingly accustomed to accessing and storing information on the cloud. But what exactly is ‘the cloud’?

A basic definition of cloud computing is the delivery of hosted application and web services. It can be used by individuals or companies who need additional resources such as storage or computing power on demand. One of the main benefits of the cloud is the ability to rapidly scale up or down depending on a user’s needs.

The Three Models of Cloud Deployment

There are three main options referred to in relation to cloud deployment – public, private and hybrid cloud solutions.

Public Cloud – The most common type of cloud deployment which allows users to access resources, such as servers and storage, via the internet. The public cloud is ideal for accessing services such as webmail, applications and storage however network and data security continue to be primary concerns for business IT teams.

Private Cloud – A private cloud is similar to a public cloud, however, all the computing resources are used only by one organisation on a private network. This cloud model offers much higher levels of security making it attractive to businesses wanting to use cloud services for business-critical operations.

Hybrid Cloud – A blend of public and private cloud models with the benefits of both. An ideal example would be for a company to use the public cloud for high demand and less business-critical operations such as testing and development workloads but utilise a private cloud for operations such as financial reporting, which require high levels of security. A key challenge for organisations deploying hybrid cloud models is the increased management required to effectively manage their private, public and on-premise IT infrastructure.

Watch our video below for an overview of cloud computing. For more information on private and public clouds, take a look at our article Public and Private Cloud – the Differences in our FAQ section.

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