To succeed in a mission of unlocking the potential of rural communities, Gigaclear chose Telehouse based on its unrivalled connectivity to business-critical partners and content service providers.

Gigaclear is an award-winning and privately-funded rural provider of ultrafast broadband, on a mission to unlock the potential of poorly-connected communities across the UK. Quickly becoming the country’s leading fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) provider, Gigaclear builds networks through both the Government-subsidised Broadband Delivery UK programme (BDUK) and through commercial investment.

Unlike mainstream broadband service providers which rely on copper-based, fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) networks, Gigaclear uses a specialist state-of-the-art fibre network which can be brought right up to the boundary of a property. This allows Gigaclear to deliver faster and seamless end-to-end connectivity and high availability in areas that are often underserved by major providers.




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Over 650 rural communities are now serviced by Gigaclear

Gigaclear was established in 2010 as a fibre network builder targeting rural areas. From its first network in Appleton, Oxfordshire, completed in 2012, Gigaclear’s full-fibre broadband network today extends over 22 counties across the Southwest, the Midlands and Southeast, making available speeds up to 900Mb to more than 300,000 premises across 650 rural communities. As the UK’s largest rural AltNet, Gigaclear is planning to continue investing in hard-to-reach locations and achieve its fully-funded build target of 500,000 premises by the end of 2023.

To offer exceptionally fast speeds and reliable full fibre broadband to rural homes and businesses, Gigaclear needed to establish a presence in a well-connected data centre in London. For the leading rural AltNet, high levels of connectivity to business-critical partners and major content service providers was paramount to bridge the country’s digital divide and allow customers in underserviced areas to stream every channel, show and app over WiFi.

Aside from needing an interconnected location to host its core network environment, Gigaclear also required geo-diversity from its second data centre to mitigate the risk of location-based disruptions and provide maximum uptime and always-on availability to customers. In addition, high-grade security and cyber-resilience was a key factor when searching for a colocation partner to ensure compliance in a highly regulated telecommunications industry. Like any other UK telecoms and broadband provider, Gigaclear comes under the watchful eye of Ofcom, hence it must meet strict regulations and ensure strong security controls.

With ambitious plans to expand its network, Gigaclear needed a data centre provider that could facilitate its growth and future-proof operations, as well as eliminate the need to relocate for years to come. It also wanted to partner with a data centre colocation provider that would support its sustainability targets.

"We needed a secure and resilient environment. We needed a colocation service provider that had really good connections with all of our potential partners and content providers. And we didn’t want to be constrained by space, power and accommodation in the future. Telehouse ticks all of those boxes."

– Gabriel Yepes, Head of Networks, Gigaclear

After considering a number of data centre providers, Gigaclear decided it wanted to be connected to the Telehouse London Docklands ecosystem, a hotspot for ISPs and content service providers.

Since 2015, the AltNet has been hosting its core network infrastructure inside the Telehouse North Two and East facilities, including Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) routers, and benefitting from the network-to-network (NNI) private peering between core partners.

Having access to over 900 connectivity partners in Telehouse London Docklands, Gigaclear has been able to facilitate vast amounts of crucial interconnections to providers like Netflix, Amazon and Google, to name a few. This provides Gigaclear customers with ultra-fast broadband speeds and unmissable video streaming entertainment without the worry of buffering or interruptions.

At the start of the relationship with Telehouse in 2015, it was already apparent that the AltNet needed a colocation facility with room for growth. Over the past seven years, Gigaclear has increased its space and power at the Telehouse London data centre campus.

Since choosing to colocate in Telehouse, Gigaclear has been able to offer a highly reliable broadband service to its customers, eliminating service disruptions and preventing infrastructure failure that could compromise customer experience. Having a stable infrastructure housed in Telehouse London Docklands has enabled Gigaclear to deliver the promised always-on-availability and super-fast download and upload speeds that rural communities desire and expect.

Partnering with Telehouse also helps meet strict regulatory requirements, which is an important factor as UK broadband providers are regulated under strict guidelines from Ofcom. Being able to back up its service availability measures has had a positive effect on Gigaclear’s reputation, and therefore its ability to sell its service to new customers.

Telehouse’s 24/7 Remote Hands support service has become essential to Gigaclear as it significantly negates the need for a Gigaclear employee to travel to the data centre in order to complete routine maintenance tasks. As such, the rural internet service provider has seen faster resolution times and an increase in the agility of its team. “Thanks to Remote Hands, we can deploy our sources more efficiently,” adds Yepes.

The leading rural AltNet is regularly tracking customer satisfaction metrics on review sites such as Trustpilot. Its scores have been continuously trending upwards, signifying that Gigaclear customers are happy with the service provided to them and therefore supporting their ambitious expansion plans. Gigaclear will likely require further rack space from Telehouse to meet its growth targets and reach even more rural communities.

Following the recent opening of Telehouse South, the colocation provider’s fifth data centre in the most connected London Docklands Campus, Gigaclear is confident that Telehouse will be able to accommodate its future growth. The ongoing commitment shown by Telehouse to support customer needs and continue to expand within the existing campus provides the much-needed scalability and reassurance Gigaclear requires to future-proof its operations.

Gabriel Yepes, Head of Networks, Gigaclear said: “For us, Telehouse is a place where we know we can grow and expand our footprint in an easy and straightforward manner. It gives us the much-needed resilience, without sacrificing security. The recent opening of Telehouse South also gives us the peace of mind that there is space to grow within the existing campus should we need it.”


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