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Building on a strong relationship of over a decade, IX Reach, a BSO company, and Telehouse started a sales-driven collaboration so both companies could benefit from the mutual opportunity of enterprise-level demand for cloud connectivity services.

To keep pace with the growing customer demand for cloud services, IX Reach needed a data centre provider with excellent network density to bolster its strong global reach even further.


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IX Reach, a BSO company, is a global solutions provider offering SDN direct interconnection to all major cloud providers, remote peering at key Internet Exchanges, high-speed point-to-point/multipoint ethernet private line, IP BGP transit and colocation.
The company offers a portfolio of cost-effective network services enabling carriers, ISPs, content and service providers to quickly and easily increase their network footprint and connect to the cloud without the need to invest heavily in owned infrastructure.

As a leading global provider of wholesale network solutions, IX Reach, a BSO company, has a strong and diverse customer base that spans various global regions. The company saw a new opportunity to increase its customer base, recognising a growing interest in cloud adoption from the market of enterprise-level businesses, creating an appetite for cloud connectivity services.

To benefit from the cloud opportunity, IX Reach, a BSO company, wanted to expand its global connected network to become vast enough to appeal to prospective enterprise customers. The company was looking to link with an established data centre provider that boasted the best possible breadth of connectivity across the UK and Europe to bolster its own connectivity in this region. The right data centre collaborator would need to have strong carrier density and network reach. IX Reach, a BSO company, wanted to build on an existing ecosystem and deal with suppliers under one roof with guaranteed predictability and reliability.

It was also important for IX Reach, a BSO company, that the collaborating organisation would be easy to do business with. In return the relationship would provide the chosen data centre provider with its own global increase in connectivity through the established IX Reach, a BSO company, network, enhancing its own services and creating new connectivity opportunities.

As part of the development of its cloud service offering, IX Reach, a BSO company, would also need to develop its own SDN portal to make it quick and easy for customers to connect directly to the cloud.
The prospective data centre provider needed to have the expertise to assist in the development of the portal.

"It is always a pleasure to deal with the Telehouse team who are all highly professional while also being easy to deal with."

– Stephen Wilcox, Chief Product Officer at IX Reach, a BSO Company

IX Reach, a BSO company, has had a strong working relationship with Telehouse for over a decade and when it came to identifying a data centre provider to work with on its cloud connectivity proposition for enterprises, it quickly became clear that both companies shared the same goal.

Initially IX Reach, a BSO company, had been purchasing rack space in Telehouse’s London and Paris data centres for colocation and cross connectivity since the relationship began. Establishing an even closer relationship enabled both companies to benefit from each other’s carrier density and network reach, forming the basis for strong enterprise-focused cloud connectivity services from both organisations.

The Telehouse Docklands campus in London attracts custom from a variety of businesses with an appetite to connect to its ecosystem of carriers and leading cloud service providers. Additionally, Telehouse’s other European locations including Paris and Frankfurt are ideally located for connecting enterprise-level businesses to major cloud service providers in those regions.

“Telehouse was the largest campus and had the broadest set of customers,” said IX Reach, a BSO company Chief Product Officer, Stephen Wilcox. “Additionally, my relationship with the Telehouse team which was best part of a decade old by then meant they were willing to make an attractive proposition which gave us a path to grow, negotiated upfront so we could put that into our business model and not fear any unexpected changes.”

Currently, IX Reach a BSO company, has points of presence in various Telehouse London data centres, including in Telehouse West via Amito, as well as in its Paris data centres.

The close-knit relationship between IX Reach, a BSO company and Telehouse has created significant mutual benefits. IX Reach, a BSO company has grown its network considerably. Its service offering has been strengthened with new products such as Direct Cloud Connectivity as a result. It has also enabled the company to strengthen and enhance the development of the IX Reach, a BSO company One SDN Portal. This has ensured it can provide customers with the ability to order and provision capacity quickly and seamlessly. On the other side, Telehouse is also experiencing an increase in its own customer opportunities for its own cloud services.

The expansive connectivity options provided by Telehouse’s data centres give IX Reach’s customers the network infrastructure they need to extend across the world. IX Reach, a BSO company is now considering expanding its rack space in Telehouse to further increase the range of its enterprise customers.

“One of the best things about working with Telehouse is that they have the right locations,” says Wilcox. “It is especially impressive that London Docklands is Europe’s most connected data centre campus. I value the relationships I have developed with some of the people who make the company so special. It is always a pleasure to deal with the Telehouse team who are all highly professional while also being easy to deal with.”

On the relationship, Telehouse’s Sales Director, Mark Pestridge, said: “Our longstanding association with IX Reach, a BSO company is now both stronger and closer than ever. The deepened relationship means we can provide our customers with the benefits of the IX Reach, a BSO company network and we are now working jointly with them to provide optimised solutions for our customers.”


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