About Telehouse Beijing BEZ

Telehouse Beijing BEZ is located in the High-Tech Park which is managed by the Chinese government. The data centre is operated by the Chinese local IDC, ISP operator 21 VIANET, strictly based on the Telehouse Global Standards.

Data Centre Infrastructure

Shared Space — With Rack Colocation:

Each customer’s equipment will be installed in a 19-inch rack.

Shared Space—Without Rack Colocation:

Telehouse provides a rental space for a rack brought in by the customer, on a per rack basis.

Dedicated Space—Cage Colocation:

We can provide not only a Rack Colocation service but also a Cage Colocation and a dedicated space Colocation service based upon special requirements.

Dedicated Space—Suite Colocation:

Telehouse provide private suite.

Data centre specifications

  • Power Receiving capacity 2,500KVA
  • Generator Redundant Configuration N+1
  • Emergency Generator Runtimewithout refueling 24 hours
  • UPS Redundant Configuration 2(N+1)
  • UPS Runtime 15 min
  • Power Monitoring System available
  • Type of Cooling system: water cooling
  • Cooling system Redundant Configuration: N+1
  • Free cooling system in place
  • Hot &Cold aisle System
  • Temperature/Humidity  (Co-location area): Temp:23±2℃ Humidity:50%±10%

Telehouse Beijing BEZ offers flexible connectivity to a variety of Chinese telecommunications carriers, including China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile.

Telehouse Beijing BEZ is fully equipped with the latest fire prevention systems including VESDA smoke detectors and fire extinguishing systems. When smoke is detected, the fire suppression system will be automatically activated to extinguish any flames without damaging the customer’s equipment.

  • 24H manned surveillance service
  • CCTV monitoring cameras, IC cards, security gates, RFID equipment control
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Information Security Management

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