Telehouse is pleased to announce the construction of Magny 2, a new datacenter on TH3 campus Paris Magny.

This new datacenter will consist of 5 buildings with a total electrical power of 18 MW on 12,000 m2 of IT space.

Thanks to its strategic location, this new datacenter offers scalability and energy performance to support our customers’ digital transformation. The datacenter is scheduled to open in Q3 2023.

TH3 Paris Magny campus: Magny 2


Located 25 kilometers southwest of Paris, TH3 is ideally located for your IT infrastructure and has all the characteristics for a site diversification strategy. Easily accessible from the capital, the TH3 Paris Magny campus allows companies and organizations to keep control of their data, to which they alone have access, thus meeting sovereignty needs. Located at a good distance from the concentration zone of many datacenters in the North-East of Paris, out of reach of the risks that concern it, TH3 constitutes the ideal campus to redundantly host IT infrastructures.



Composed of 5 new buildings for a total surface area of 12,000m², its exceptional surface area in the Paris region market makes it a hyperscale datacenter in which your IT infrastructures will be able to expand without any limits in terms of physical space and electrical power. The new datacenter will have a total power of 18MW with a density per rack of up to 12kVA.



Direct connection to all major cloud platforms and to more than 15 telecom operators, having deployed their own fiber, in three distinct penetration points.

Telehouse Metro connect: 2 redundant fibers and managed links from 1 to 400 G, with less than one millisecond latency to TH2 Paris Voltaire and direct access to the largest concentration of digital players.

Direct and private access to TH2 Paris Voltaire and Léon Frot MMR, the most interconnected campus in France and the 4th largest in the world.

Eco-Responsible Commitment

Wanting to contribute to a more sustainable future, Telehouse is committed to using 100% renewable energy supplies (thanks to a partnership with Engie).
To reduce its carbon footprint, Telehouse is opting for an eco-responsible construction by favoring the best cooling techniques available, such as free-chilling integrated with air-cooled chillers, to minimize water consumption and reduce electricity consumption. As a result, the WUE (water usage effectiveness) of the new data center will be close to zero.
These innovations will enable the new site to achieve a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of less than 1.3, which places the new datacenter among the most efficient in France.

Data centre specifications

  • Complete link with the existing Magny 1 site
  • Access to very high-speed telecommunications networks via 3 separate fiber adduction penetration points
  • Presence of 15 operators having deployed their own fiber
  • Metropolitan links from 1G to 400G via Telehouse Metro Connect, direct and private connection to TH2 Paris Voltaire & Léon Frot
  • High sensitivity fire detection
  • Fire suppression: water mist with double interlocking
  • 24-hour surveillance staff
  • Double security perimeter with intermediate walkways
  • Dedicated "custom" DFM customer room
  • Shared SFM space (52U bay - ½ 23U bay - ¼ 10U bay)
  • Average power per rack: 12kVA (higher density possible on study).
  • 2 x 18 MW Enedis power supply arriving on 2 separate substations
  • Cooling system by Free Chilling
  • Production: 4 cold units with N+1 redundancy (possibility of connecting an additional one as backup)
  • Redundancy of the cold distribution = 2N
  • Redundancy of the air conditioning cabinets = N+2
  • Containment of cold corridors
  • PUE < 1.3 at 100% IT load
  • PUE < 1.5 at 50% IT load
  • WUE close to 0
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard
  • ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Standard
  • HDS

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