Following a partnership with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), Telehouse customers can benefit from accurate time stamping with NPLTime Certified® at Telehouse

London, UK 9th October 2023 –Telehouse International Corporation of Europe, a leading global data centre service provider, today announced the launch of NPLTime Certified® at Telehouse. The new time-as-a-service offering follows a partnership agreement with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), the UK’s National Metrology Institute and the home of time in the UK.

NPLTime Certified® at Telehouse provides accuracy and synchronisation to businesses that require a precise, resilient and certified time signal. Prior to this partnership, NPL had already been distributing its time services from the Telehouse London Docklands campus for several years.

As a result of the partnership with NPL, the new offering is being monitored and maintained 24/7 up to the point of network entry, therefore, making time directly traceable and certified to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the global time scale, at the point of provision. It delivers time, accurate to within one microsecond of UTC, allowing Telehouse customers to have full confidence in data timing with certifiable accuracy.

Unlike more traditional methods, NPLTime Certified® at Telehouse eliminates the need to rely on public internet or GPS antennas for time synchronisation. To take advantage of the new service, Telehouse London Docklands customers can connect their rack directly to the NPLTime Certified® at Telehouse service feed through a fibre cable to accept the time signal. This makes it much more secure and resilient, with fibre optic links eliminating vulnerabilities to Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) such as jamming and spoofing.

The new capability benefits organisations in all industries but, in particular, the financial services sector, which has been legally required to comply with stringent EU regulations for time stamping on financial trades and transactions known as Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) RTS 25 since January 2018.

Gaming, content, and broadcast media businesses can also benefit from the latest time-as-a-service offering, allowing better synchronisation of audio and video feeds to minimise errors, such as lip-sync delays, ultimately providing optimum experiences. In addition, Telehouse IT and cybersecurity customers will now be able to use accurate time stamping insight to help strengthen their security infrastructure.

Takayo Takamuro, Managing Director, Telehouse Europe says “As the technological and regulatory landscapes evolve, accurate time is increasingly business-critical, particularly for financial services organisations that must provide evidence of accuracy for forensic analysis and audits. The launch of NPLTime Certified® at Telehouse further strengthens our commitment to customers to deliver services that directly address their challenges, in this case, certifiable and traceable time to aid regulatory compliance.”

Leon Lobo, head of the National Timing Centre programme at NPL added:  Resilient time underpins the synchronisation of the digital infrastructure and maximises the quality of data through traceable timestamps. The partnership between NPL and Telehouse offers an exciting new opportunity, supporting business continuity, as well as enabling current and emerging applications with trusted time.”

Historically, Network Time Protocol (NTP) was the most popular source of accurate time for data centre providers like Telehouse, however, it presented customers with several limitations, including traceability and accuracy only to 10 milliseconds. With NPLTime Certified® at Telehouse, there are none of the vulnerabilities inevitable with GNSS-derived signals, as it provides a direct link to NPL and the UK time standard.

Customers at Telehouse can already inquire about the new NPLTime Certified® at Telehouse offering. For more information, please visit: