London, UK 22nd February 2024 – Global colocation provider, Telehouse, has partnered with global cellular connectivity solutions provider, Transatel (a subsidiary of NTT DATA) to bolster the digital infrastructure for Transatel’s expanding connected car business.

The collaboration will see Telehouse supply extended data center capacities to aid Transatel in rolling out VoLTE and TG SA services, key to its connected car segment.

Transatel will deploy its services at the Telehouse TH3 Paris Magny campus due to its strategic location, technical capabilities, economic advantages, and commitment to sustainability. Telehouse’s data centres feature next-generation design, extensive connectivity, and a responsible approach to energy consumption.

The long-term partnership agreement is the first step in developing a relationship that will see Telehouse provide reliable and scalable services and support Transatel’s full IoT and connected business.

Sami Slim, Chief Executive and General Manager for Telehouse France, Comments: “Colocation effectively serves IoT framework needs by delivering unrivalled connectivity to leading cloud providers and peering options, helping to ensure instantaneous access to data from sensors that connected cars need.

“We’re pleased to provide a scalable platform for Transatel to push forward the connected car industry. Transatel is well known for its ability to simplify international IoT deployments. Telehouse has a global network of highly connected data centres that are designed to provide the infrastructure and connected ecosystem to support IoT services. We are delighted to support businesses like Transatel and provide them with a sustainable and scalable home for their innovative business models.”

“Transatel is scaling up its network infrastructure to support massive international IoT and IoV (Internet of Vehicles) deployments in the coming years. After almost 20 years of collaboration, Telehouse remains one of the trusted technology partners that support our global expansion.” says Jacques Bonifay, CEO and co-founder of Transatel.