The Telehouse-LINX partnership has contributed to the growth of the campus into one of the world’s leading internet hubs. This relationship allows customers located at the London Docklands campus, who are also LINX members, to exchange internet traffic directly. It gives them greater control of their network along with increased efficiency.

“Telehouse has been a key partner of LINX from the very beginning. Telehouse is where our first switch was positioned and where traffic started to flow between our members over 25 years ago. Since then our membership has grown to over 900 networks. Telehouse has played a key role in this expansion, and we are very happy to have maintained this strong relationship over the years.”

Jennifer Holmes, LINX CCO

Peering at Telehouse with LINX

Peering with LINX provides one-to-one connections between networks. This allows you to directly exchange traffic, instead of paying for indirect traffic through third-party IP transit providers.

Why choose Telehouse for LINX internet exchange peering?

When you choose colocation with Telehouse and access peering with LINX, your business can:

  • Reduce latency and local bandwidth costs with simplified routing and bandwidth sharing
  • Avoid traffic bottlenecks for a smoother, more responsive experience and service
  • Spread out and reinforce your network by connecting to hundreds of other networks

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