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France-IX installs POP in Telehouse Magny

Paris, 7th September 2015: Internet exchange nodes are primary infrastructure pieces that interconnect network backbones. Created in 2010, France-IX association interconnects over 275 French and international networks and supports exponentially increasing traffic, now exceeding 400 Gbps.

France-IX already hosts its primary equipment in Telehouse Voltaire which enables enormous data transfer such as Netflix’s 100Gb port.

The new announcement enables enterprises located in Paris South West area, direct access to an impressive network community including telecom carriers, cloud providers and hosted applications.

For France-IX, this allows development of enterprises presence on its network, as says Franck Simon, General Director of France-IX “Since Schneider Electric joined in 2012, many enterprises that did not have Telecoms as primary activities, chose to connect to our Exchange node to access more rapidly their data and applications hosted by Cloud providers, and then reduce the load and cost of their Internet links. By adding Telehouse Magny to our network, we aim to welcome even more corporates”.

According to Gilles Pecqueron, Marketing at Telehouse, “France IX POP in Telehouse Magny makes the site ‘the place to be’, especially for enterprises, Cloud providers, SaaS software editors, and e-commerce players. This deployment will significantly enhance online availability of their content and services, a clear value add for professionals”.

Telehouse is a leading partner with internet exchanges around the globe, making their data centres some of the best connected in the world. This year Telehouse London has been celebrating 20 years of partnership with the London internet exchange (LINX) and in 2016 Telehouse will enable future collaboration with the inaugural opening of new flagship data centre, North Two.
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