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Telehouse Enhanced Connect – a revolutionary new service delivering superfast connectivity from the remotest places on the planet

LONDON, 3rd December2015 - Telehouse Europe today announces the launch of Telehouse Enhanced Connect - a new rapid, stable and secure overlaid optimisation service

Telehouse is the longest serving and leading provider of data centre services globally. It is well aware that many enterprises and service providers benefit from the connectivity options enabled through the huge number of internet service providers Telehouse hosts - this creates the perfect environment for enterprises to access major cloud services, SaaS and enterprise application servers from all parts of the world.

Installed in as little as three days, Telehouse Enhanced Connect optimises a customer’s existing Internet capability to deliver high performance access to centralised applications from the remotest of global offices without the need to increase bandwidth or invest in additional hardware.

Telehouse Enhanced Connect offers fast and secure cloud access direct into private and public cloud services with accelerated, predictable and secure performance. With no requirement to increase bandwidth or purchase and maintain hardware, customers can benefit from the resulting cost savings.  Telehouse Enhanced Connect is a private, secure and fully managed service which also delivers extraordinary business benefits including 8 times faster access to AWS Cloud Services* and a 60% improvement* in response time across both Office 365 and Microsoft Azure - all of which can be monitored by the Telehouse Real Time Performance Portal.

Telehouse Enhanced Connect service also provides customers with three market leading features:
  • Free Trial. Telehouse Enhanced Connect is the only Internet optimised service that offers a free three week no obligation trial period for both hardware and software.
  • Flexible Capacity. Telehouse allows customers to test the service to identify the optimal bandwidth solution for their needs before buying, whereas traditional services require customers to estimate their optimal bandwidth before they buy. 
  • Continuous Optimisation. Traditional optimisation is done only once at the first mile. Telehouse Enhanced Connect continually optimises the data from the first mile to the end point delivering greater data stability and a more consistent user experience.
Telehouse Enhanced Connect utilises Aryaka’s network optimisation technology. Aryaka selected Telehouse Europe as its preferred data centre partner because of its connectivity with major cloud providers and enterprises and the sheer volume of Internet traffic that goes through its data centres. Aryaka will continue to expand throughout the Telehouse global footprint.
Hiroyuki Soshi, Managing Director of Telehouse Europe states, “As one of the most connected locations on Earth with over 500 connectivity partners, our London Docklands campus provides the optimal environment for providers and users  of Internet, Cloud, Network and System Integration services. Hosting Aryaka enables Telehouse to expand the connectivity options for our customers and deliver a superior optimisation service through Telehouse Enhanced Connect. Telehouse will build on this to create more value for our wider business community through future services”.

Telehouse. The First Name in a Connected World

*based on real user experiences

Find out more about Telehouse Enhanced Connect here
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