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Marseille is the 9th largest connectivity hub in the world thanks to the diversity of submarine cables that land there. The city is positioned among the most ambitious digital ecosystems for the coming decades. Telehouse's presence in Marseille brings these connectivity assets within cable reach, providing access to all the submarine cables in the region. This allows our customers to reach new global markets quickly and easily in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Why choose Telehouse Marseille data centers?

A central city for the worldwide Internet

Marseille’s geographical location, open to the Mediterranean, makes it an international commercial crossroad. Today, this location is of great use to the city in its digital dynamics. No less than 15 submarine cables currently run from Marseille to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. And this is just the beginning: Peace in 2021, a new cable to China that follows the old silk routes, Google Blue Raman to India in 2023, and Facebook’s 2Africa should increase the existing capacities. 154 terabits of bandwidth will increase to over 700. With 160 international and national telecom operators, 6 internet exchange points and 14 hosted content distribution platforms and networks, Marseille should move from 9th to 5th place in the world’s digital hubs ranking by 2023, according to Telegeography. Some 4.5 billion mobile users will be served thanks to the thousands of physical interconnections possible in the metropolis.

The city of Marseille has several serious assets to support the growth of its digital sector. The sector already employs more than 40,000 people in the Bouches-du-Rhône region, as well as 7,000 companies with a turnover of 8 billion euros. That’s as much as the tourism and port industries for which the department and the Marseille metropolis are famous for, accounting for 55% of digital jobs in the PACA region. All the booming or emerging fields are concerned, such as big data, data centers, telecom networks, transmedia, digital marketing and e-commerce, e-tourism… Moreover, several renowned companies have chosen the region to develop their activities, such as Oxatis, Voyage-privé, Allopneus and Wiko. The major players in the digital industry, who never invest randomly, have also understood the potential of the region. In addition to Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Oracle, Disney+ has recently chosen Marseille as its base for deployment in the rest of Europe. This fairy tale should continue if the numerous public-private collaborations develop, as is the case with big data for example.

Secure your private network between Marseille and Paris with Telehouse

With Telehouse, you benefit from a direct, secure and ultra-fast connection between Paris and Marseille on our private network. You can take advantage of all the benefits of Telehouse connectivity. We provide our customers with access to the most efficient, integrated and secure routes in Europe, combined in our turnkey connectivity offers. The complementarity between Telehouse Marseille and TH2 Paris gives our customers access to the major connectivity backbone in France and Europe, with high speed and low latency. Our offer combines the density of connectivity of the TH2 Paris campus, number one in France, and the major international opportunities offered by the city of Marseille, which hosts one of the largest and most diversified submarine cable networks, all of which are accessible from Telehouse infrastructures.

Our offer combines the dense connectivity of the TH2 Paris campus, number one in France, and the major opportunities for international expansion offered by the city of Marseille, which is home to one of the largest and most diversified submarine cable networks.

Unparalleled connectivity in France, to Europe and the world

Telehouse offers customized solutions to all digital players. Whatever your connectivity strategy is, we can help you implement it: export your know-how to new growing markets, set up or develop your business on European soil. These solutions include our ecosystem of over 3,000 members, accessible from Paris and Marseille, which accelerates connections between publishers, digital operators and users. Moreover, we offer a full range of customized connectivity solutions, including cloud connections, peering and direct interconnections.

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