A presence in Marseille, a central city for the Internet in the world

Telehouse offers enhanced connectivity in the city of Marseille and proposes a new hosting solution for your IT infrastructures thanks to:

  • international connections between Europe and major regions across the world such as Africa, the Middle East and Asia
  • a privileged position on the major axis of the Internet in France, which connects TH2 Voltaire (Paris) and THM1 Marseille
  • a strategic location to redundantly host infrastructures in the Marseille area


Data centre specifications

  • 8,000 m² of IT space
  • Accessing 160 Tbps of capacity through submarine cables
  • Maximum power of +12 MVA
  • ISO 9001, PCI DSS certified

Marseille, an anchor point for strategic submarine cables

Thanks to its geographical location, Marseille is a strategic entry point for digital communications to Europe. The strategic submarine cables routing connectivity from several regions of the world to Marseille make the city an essential connectivity hub and a point of convergence for operator across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

The Paris/Marseille axis has all the assets needed to become one of the world’s major Internet backbones and place France at the center of international data exchanges. The opening of its new hosting space in Marseilles allows Telehouse to establish its expertise in connectivity, while ensuring a direct link to the TH2 connectivity hub in Paris, one of the most connected data centers in the world.

Telehouse offers new connectivity spaces with direct access to 3,000 members of the French and international digital ecosystem. Thanks to this vast community, our carrier-neutral hosting spaces give you the freedom to choose your operators and connection points.

THM1’s privileged location in Marseille makes it the ideal place to redundantly host local infrastructures. Installed in a non-flood zone, it is designed with a net height under slab of more than 3.50 m, adapted to a height of installed racks up to 52U.


Interconnections, peering, cross-connects and Cloud, Telehouse is the leader in data center connectivity solutions. Our goal is to bring your content closer to its end-users !

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