Why locate your data centre in Japan?

Japan is a major economic power, with the world’s third largest economy by nominal GDP. As leading nation in technology, machinery and robotics, the country’s research and development budgets are among the largest in the world. Japan is also home to one of the most advanced mobile telecommunications markets in the world, with sophisticated consumers who use their devices for a wide array of activities.


Japan was ranked first globally in the BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard 2013 which examines major laws and regulations relevant to cloud computing, as well as each country’s ICT-related infrastructure and broadband deployment. Japan achieved the top score due to its comprehensive suite of modern laws that support and facilitate the digital economy and cloud computing including a convention on cybercrime, comprehensive privacy legislation, and intellectual property laws that cover the full range of protections relevant to cloud services.

  • The information and communication technology (ICT) industry is the largest industry sector in Japan with a market scale of USD 1.2 trillion (as of 2011). Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications aims to double the market to USD 2.4 trillion by 2020
  • There were 101,228,736 internet users in Japan (representing 79.5% of the population) at mid-year 2012 making it the country with the 4th largest number of internet users in the world after China, USA and India.
  • Into 2013, there were over 130 million mobile subscribers in Japan with around 97% of these using 3G services.
  • The data centre market in Japan has experienced significant growth in 2013, with the market expected to reach near 70,000 million yen by the end of 2015.


Telehouse Japan data centres

In partnership with its Japanese parent company KDDI, which is headquartered in Tokyo, Telehouse offer an extensive network of data centres in Japan. As Japan’s leading telecom provider and system integrator, KDDI offers state-of-the-art Japan data centre facilities in 9 strategic locations throughout the country. Telehouse’ Japan data centres complement KDDI’s services providing end-to-end ICT solutions. All data centres in Japan adhere to the Global Telehouse Standards and cater to the requirements of both the domestic market as well as foreign-affiliated companies entering the Japanese market.

As of December 2013, Telehouse have expanded into 9 cities in Japan as well as other cooperating data centres:

Sapporo Telehouse Sapporo Data Centre
Sendai Telehouse Sendai Data Centre
Oyama Telehouse Oyama Data Centre
Tokyo Telehouse Tokyo Iidabashi Data Centre
Telehouse Tokyo Shibuya Data Centre
Telehouse Tokyo Koto Data Centre
Telehouse Tokyo Fuchu Data Centre
Telehouse Tokyo Tenozu Data Centre
Telehouse Tokyo Tama Data Centre
Nagoya Telehouse Nagoya Data Centre
Osaka Telehouse Osaka Umeda Date Centre   
Telehouse Osaka Shinsaibashi Data Centre
Telehouse Osaka Osaka-chuo
Hiroshima Telehouse Hiroshima Data Centre
Fukuoka Telehouse Fukuoka Data Centre
Naha Telehouse Naha Data Centre

To receive further information about Telehouse’ Japan data centres please contact the Telehouse Sales Team on: [email protected]

Premier data centre connectivity

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