Challenges in IT infrastructure connectivity

Organisations are facing a myriad of pressures on their digital infrastructure decisions, from rapidly increasing data volumes and cyber-attacks to skills shortages and the impact of complying with regulations.

The first chapter of our new Vision for Digital Infrastructure in 2030 Report, explores the connectivity demands, challenges and requirements as we look ahead over the next decade. We surveyed 250 IT decision-makers across various UK industries and found:

Three quarters (75%) of IT decision-makers anticipate the volume of data they manage to increase even more in the next decade

Nearly all (89%) will require high-density, high-performance computer systems in 2030

However, over half are only partially prepared for adopting IoT and edge computing technologies in the future

Compliance with privacy and data protection laws may impact infrastructure decisions in the future cited by 44% of respondents

Gain insights into connectivity requirements for 2030 and find out more about managing escalating data volumes; navigating tightening privacy and data protection regulations.

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IT Infrastructure Vision for 2030

From the explosion of IoT devices to the latest advances in AI, technology is rapidly accelerating, the full 2030 report covers the scale and speed of delivery of IT services and reshaping the digital economy as we know it.

Data centres lie at the heart of this shift, supporting organisations on their digitalisation journey, and ensuring the reliability, sustainability and efficiency of business operations. But what will the future bring – in 2030 and beyond? The report explores four other key areas which are shaping tomorrow, including:

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