Addressing sustainable digital infrastructure

Organisations are committed to creating more sustainable digital infrastructure despite facing challenges in reducing and demonstrating their environmental impact.

Our new Vision for Digital Infrastructure in 2030 Report, surveyed 250 IT decision-makers across various UK industries and the second chapter explores sustainability in digital infrastructure. We found:

Only 19% of businesses have already achieved net-zero. 44% are in the position where they are not net-zero but plan to reach this milestone in the future.

16% of IT decision-makers aren’t confident their organisation will meet net-zero goals by their target year, out of which six in ten say it’s due to high investment.

50% of respondents don’t have the necessary technological infrastructure in place to achieve carbon neutrality, while 30% face resistance from stakeholders in adopting sustainable practices.

Gain insights into sustainability in digital infrastructure in the run-up to 2030 and find out more about the key role sustainability plays in IT decision-making processes, including selecting digital infrastructure providers, and the challenges organisations face on their sustainability journey.

IT Infrastructure Vision for 2030

From the explosion of IoT devices to the latest advances in AI, technology is rapidly accelerating. The full 2030 report covers the scale and speed with which IT services are delivered, reshaping the digital economy as we know it.

Data centres lie at the heart of this shift, supporting organisations on their digitalisation journey, ensuring the reliability, connectivity, sustainability and efficiency of business operations. But what will the future bring – in 2030 and beyond? The report explores the challenges of developing sustainable digital infrastructure and four other key areas that are shaping tomorrow, including:

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