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Dedicated Colocation Services - Facilities/Cages

Selecting the right type of colocation service requires an in-depth consideration  of  cost, business needs and technical specification. This cannot be done in silo, as the future of your infrastructure will almost always hold precedence.

Telehouse offers three main types of colocation service ranging from shared facilities (SFM) to dedicated server colocation and Dedicated Cages (DFM) that incorporate extensive planning support to ensure that your infrastructure delivers efficiency for immediate and future requirements. With 4 London facilities within our Docklands Campus and over 50MVA of direct power supply, your initial footprint can reflect your plans without incurring unnecessary costs or restricting capabilities.

Dedicated Facilities Management (DFM)

For companies that require increased security resilience, higher power options or both, a Telehouse London Data Centre provides customers the choice to have their own dedicated colocation/dedicated hosting suite in partitioned areas. With access control a standard dedicated suite of 18m² can hold up to 9 standard sized racks for customers; however if your company requires different specifications then we can provide a variety of alternative sizes to best match your needs. 


Dedicated Cages 

If customers require extra security but do not need higher power options than what is provided as standard, clients can choose to house their cabinets inside a Telehouse cage. The caged environment benefits from the same climate control, power distribution and fire detection and suppression facilities as the racks outside the cage; with individual access control to provide increased security.