Challenges in IT infrastructure over the next decade

As technological advancements occur at an unprecedented pace, the intensifying pressure on IT estates to handle mounting data volumes, integration with AI tools and the increasing risk posed by software and opportunistic cyber attackers is fast becoming the norm.

Our new Vision for Digital Infrastructure in 2030 Report , surveyed 250 IT decision-makers across various UK industries, and the fifth chapter explores the key challenges organisations face around IT infrastructure over the next decade and the kinds of investments needed to address them.

We found that:

  • IT decision-makers highlighted integrating AI and data analytics as the biggest infrastructure challenge they are likely to combat in the next decade
  • Three years ago, AI integration was closer to the bottom of the list of key challenges anticipated, cited by 23% of respondents compared to 33% today
  • With firms understanding the need to overcome IT infrastructure challenges to remain profitable and competitive, they’re likely to shift their business models and invest more in colocation
  • 61% of the survey sample expect their organisation to increase investment in data centre infrastructure, compared to 33% who expect it to stay the same.

IT Infrastructure Vision for 2030

From the explosion of IoT devices to the latest advances in AI, technology is rapidly accelerating, the full 2030 report covers the scale and speed with which IT services are delivered, and reshaping the digital economy as we know it.


Data centres lie at the heart of this shift, supporting organisations on their digitalisation journey, and ensuring the reliability, connectivity, sustainability and efficiency of business operations. But what will the future bring – in 2030 and beyond? In addition to infrastructure challenges and investment, the report explores four other key areas which are shaping tomorrow, including:

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